The year 2016 was filled with robots. They are becoming more and more advanced and thanks to artificial intelligence robots are getting more human as well. Some people, like Elon Musk, believe that robots are the workforce of the future. And that they will take over our jobs which will result in everybody having a universal basic income. There are also people worried that robots are becoming too human. But, in my opinion robots can do great things for the world.

They can be of great use in health care, for example for the issue of the growing population of elderly people. In Japan they are fighting this problem with “carebots”. One-third of the Japanese government’s budget is allocated to developing these carebots. Japan has been experiencing a shortage of nursing-care workers because of its rapidly aging population. Japan’s Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry estimated that 2.53 million caregivers will be needed in 2025. This number is 800,000 more than the required number of caregivers back in 2013. That is why Japan is investing in carebots – care robots specifically designed to assist elderly people.

In 2016 a lot of different robots were invented. Robots can be used for fun or to make your life a little easier, as a personal assistant. This video shows the robots that stole the show in 2016.

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