There are plenty of different jobs in the field of digital technology. For example, you can become a developer or an IT security expert. Or a front-end developer, just like Magalie. By giving you examples of real life stories of females who have a career in tech, we would like to inspire you.

What is your name, where do your work and what is your work function?

I am Magalie Linda Chetrit. I am a front-end developer and a designer. I focus on improvements in digital projects. For example, if a website isn’t getting it’s ROI, I have the technical as well as the design experience and knowledge to get it where it needs to be. My experience and knowledge extends to a lot of themes and features, from macro to micro levels. I’m a freelancer, I prefer to work solitary and I try to only work with a client once a week to touch base and align with them. I’m more about the work than the meetings. I like to keep the client up to date so they know it is taken care of.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

That said, I don not really have a typical day. I have many different projects, clients and the improvements they seek are therefore never the same. That results in a different approach every time. What I do try to keep in mind is to schedule the actual work from 7AM to noon when I am focussed the most. Between 2PM and 4PM it is mainly time for all sorts of communications; email, phone calls, meetings. And between 4PM and 5PM, if there was an outcome from those communications, I try to make those actionable – like scheduling agreed launch dates or make notes of the agreements so I can reference them later. In the evening I try to do some work as well or I try to read some work-related articles.

How did you end up in digital technology/IT?

When I was younger I was a Management Assistant. I somehow managed to build applications using Visual Basic in Excel. That helped me to get a job as a junior programmer. I went to college to study Computer Engineering and Multimedia design and from there it really began.

What do you like the most about working in digital technology?

The diversity and also the humanity of it. Everything is thought of by a human in some period to save time or to improve the work process. Also, if used correctly, a digital product helps a lot of people in a plethora of ways. I try not to focus so much on the beauty of the build itself, but more on the efficiency and effectiveness the product has. Do whatever it takes, within reason, to get it where it needs to be. Programming is wonderful; I love to solve the daily puzzles. But it can close my mind of the overall purpose of the product. Then, the whole process can become a little more complex than it needs to be. It’s very important to me to connect the human, the product, and the technology, every moment I am aware of it.

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