Amanda was born with a passion for designing things. When her father gave her the computer programme ‘Frontpage’ her love for digital started as she learned to make websites with it. She loves to work her magic on the cutting edge of design and technology. That’s why she started her career as a designer, but realised how much she loved programming..

What is your name, where do your work and what is your work function?

Hello! My name is Amanda van Noordenne and I work at DPDK in Rotterdam .

Passion for design and technology

What does a typical work day look like for you?

9:00 | Coffee is not really my thing, so I start my day with a cup of tea. The first thing I do every day is have a stand-up, which is a short update meeting, with the team I’m presently working with. We discuss the current state of the project, the plan for that day and any issues or needs we have.

12:30 | Lunch time! In our canteen we eat some food together and take a little time to relax and joke around. We also go for walks in our beautiful neighbourhood. A little expedition through the park or a walk along the river and watching the latest cruise ships.

13:30 | Most of the company joins together in our cosy basement for a Chemistry. These meetings are for sharing knowledge and to inspire each other. There is something to learn from anyone. Whether it’s an audio designer explaining the basics of making your own music track or the DevOps genie giving tips on the best way to protect your data.

15:00 | The client is here for our biweekly project demo. We walk them through the progress we made on the project and give them the opportunity to give feedback. After that we start the new sprint together and set up the issues we’re going to focus on for the next two weeks.

18:00 | The smell of grilled hamburgers fills the building; it’s time for the meetup. Every other month we host a meetup about a specific subject and invite inspirational people to give talks. Anyone is welcome to join so it’s a great way to meet new people and get inspired.

22:00 | After cleaning up the last beer bottle I cycle home and wish you a good night.

How did you end up in digital technology/IT

When I was a little girl I was always creating things. Drawings, a birthday card for my grandmother or clothes for my Barbie dolls. When I was about thirteen years old my dad gave me a computer program called ‘Frontpage’ and added ‘You can make websites with this.’ My imagination went overboard and I instantly had a million ideas. That’s when my plan for the future changed from ‘doing something with design’ into ‘doing something with design on a computer’.

After studying Interactive Media in Amsterdam and learning about creating concepts, designing interfaces and programming languages I wanted to be a designer. I started an internship at DPDK, loved the company and never left.

After a while of designing I realised it wasn’t really making me happy. DPDK fortunately gave me the opportunity to focus more on programming and becoming great at that. It turned me into the first Front-end developer in the company. I love working my magic on the cutting edge of design and technology.

What do you like the most about working in digital technology?

The best thing about this business is the fact that it is changing constantly. It’s also the biggest challenge and keeps you on your toes the whole time. No two projects are the same and every day is different. I am also lucky to be working at a company that wants to innovate as much as possible and loves trying out new technologies and concepts. I feel blessed to be doing what makes me happy every single day.

Is there something else you would like to say?

At school I was a little intimidated by ‘tech subjects’. Especially because those classes were mostly filled with men. With a little detour I ended up being a programmer and loving every second of it. I would encourage anyone who is interested in any part of programming to give it a try.

Specifically to women who are held back by thinking it a ‘mens job’. Don’t worry about it; do what you love. We could use some more girl power 🙂