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Write a blog or make a vlog about a cool tech innovation you know to take part in this contest.

The world is changing and everything around us is driven by digital technology. Use your right brain, the creative side of your brain, and blog or vlog about a cool tech innovation you know.  Why do you think it is so cool, and why do we need it? Promote your blog or vlog on the RightBrains Facebook page!

As a participant of the blog & vlog challenge you can join our CIAO in One Day event on October 31 for free and meet hundreds of women with passion for digital technology.

Win the Digital Talent award of the year!

This is the first year that RightBrains is starting this challenge to involve women at the start of their careers to spread the word about digital innovations and technology. Together with you we want to show that digital technology is exciting! The RightBrains jury will select one winner to receive the RightBrains Digital Talent award of the year and win an Iphone 7. This will be judged based on the most creative blog or vlog.

So, start blogging or vlogging.

This is your chance to win

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You can submit your blog until October 13th