Why this award?

The digital revolution is rapidly impacting organisations and the way they are managed by leaders today and tomorrow. The next years of digital transformation will not be about technology but about people, agility, experimenting and breaking through old patterns. The days of ‘command-and-control’, winner-takes-all leadership are over. With technological change, we experience a deep change in the way we do things, the way we interact and the way we communicate. The leaders of the digital world will need to create an environment for collaboration, where talent is liberated to experiment and share and where diversity is included in the culture of an organisation, liberating innovation and attracting excellent talent.

Your favourite digital leader

RightBrains and Computable invite you to nominate your favourite digital leader who has incorporated diversity as a mind set for success and innovation within the organisation.

Nominations can be submitted until September 22, 2017.

The top 5 leaders will be interviewed during September. The jury will select one leader to win the Digital Leadership & Diversity award.

The 5 nominated leaders will be announced during RightBrains’ CIAO in one day event on October 31.The winner of the Digital Leadership & Diversity award will be announced on that same evening during the Computable awards gala dinner.

The jury

The jury consists of: Sander Hulsman, chief editor Computable; Geke Rosier, Founder RightBrains; Kay Formanek, CEO Diversity & Performance; Melvin Tsoe Nij, Founder Young Global People; President Women in Cyber Security Foundation.


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