A diverse bank where talented individuals from all walks of life work together – that is our aim. Because we are firmly convinced that differences between colleagues generate not only more ideas, but also better ones. That, in turn, means better products and services that benefit our customers. So we’re looking for talented people in every sense of the word.

So what exactly is a ‘diverse’ organisation? After all, diversity isn’t something you can easily identify or measure. Diversity is something you experience and feel, each in her own way. We’re making good progress, but we’re not there yet. The bank is gradually getting more female, more racially diverse and younger.

A rapidly changing world driven by digital technology brings many challenges for us. We don’t try to avoid those challenges; on the contrary, we actively seek them out. That is one reason we support growing the number of women in digital technology. Digital technology is the heart of our bank. With a more diverse workforce in this field we can accelerate innovation and change.

We need to make the difference together. So, why not join us and make use of your talents? Want to know more about what we’re doing? Take a look at our website.