MSD contributes to a healthy world for humans and animals. With our innovative medicines and services for patients, hospitals and health care providers we offer treatments that improve health. Medicines that may make the difference between lying in bed sick or being able to do everyday things. And sometimes even between life and death.

With about 4,000 employees in the Netherlands, MSD is one of the largest and most diverse innovative pharmaceutical companies. From our offices in Haarlem, Oss and Boxmeer we execute many different activities. From guiding clinical trials to the manufacturing and packaging of drugs, and placing our products on the market – with related supporting services for (veterinary) health care professionals and patients.

But MSD is doing more! By offering value adding solutions and collaborating with partners, we contribute to good and efficient care. Because that is our goal: to optimize patient care, promote compliance and avoid spillage.

MSD seeks dialogue with partners in health care, and focuses on future-proof health care in which innovation and quality go hand in hand with cost stabilization. Because we care for affordable care. New innovations focusing on medicines and on the optimization of health care quality remain necessary.

At MSD we believe that it is essential to have the right medicine available at the right time, for the right patient. This prevents overtreatment, insufficient treatment and inadequate use of medicines. In such a case good health care is no longer an expense item, but an investment.

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