Procam is the specialist in finding and developing highly skilled IT talents. We work together with the best universities in the Netherlands, such as the Universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Erasmus. Our two-year traineeship programme, under the the name TalentWings, was proclaimed to be the best IT Traineeship of the Year 2016. Our goals are long-term employment relationships and happy employees who know themselves well and do what they like best. Young talents have a refreshing point of view and dare to challenge the status quo. We give our young professionals space, and challenge them to bring new insights and innovation in organisations.

Diversity is an importantprocam talents aspect of our philosophy. We believe that teams are stronger and better once they consist of people with different backgrounds, knowledge and personality traits. Procam strongly supports the mission of RightBrains for more women and diversity in IT. We encourage female students for a career in this field within more than 100 classes each year! Working together with RightBrains allows us to make this powerful message of diversity even more.

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