TopFem is the international network for ambitious young women. Not only do we offer a strong network, mentoring and leadership development are also on our agenda. TopFem was founded and set up in 2011 by Geneviève van der Veen and Maaike Riesthuis. Being ambitious students themselves, they sought an avenue for networking opportunities, mentoring and the opportunity to interact with businesses.

For students and young professionals TopFem offers two programmes, the Mentor&Network Programme, and the Leadership Programme. Both programmes offer opportunities to develop networking skills through the monthly drinks, and an experienced and professional mentor. The Leadership Programme additionally offers the challenge of developing yourself and your leadership skills with a professional trainer and through a research project at a company in the sector of your choice. Interested in our programmes? Read more about them here.

Not only students and young professionals can benefit from TopFem, one can also become a mentor to share their experience and input with their mentee. In return a mentor gets in touch with the next generation, their mindset, and ideas. Interested in becoming a mentor?

Besides becoming a sharing and recieving with and from the next generation, TopFem forms a valuable link between the business world and upcoming talent. Via TopFem companies are able to meet and interact with motivated, amibtious and talented TopFem members. Interested in discussing partnership opportunities?


Interested in our programmes? Intrigued to inspire the next generation? Enthousiastic to contribute? Do not hesitate to contact us through the following channels or send us an email at!