What if we live to be over a 100 years old? Aegon helps approximately 30 million customers worldwide to secure their financial futures. Individuals and families, companies and institutions. We invest over 740 billion dollars worldwide, entrusted to us by our customers. 

Our employees from dozens of nationalities and all walks of life help us find solutions that impact the lives of our clients now and in the future. Our Chief Technical Officer is a woman and women fulfill many other high impact roles at Aegon. We believe in the power of diversity.

Digital technology can help us  is the key to solve the questions our customers and we deal with: How can I as a customer gain insight in the financial future of my family? How can we use big data and blockchain innovation to the benefit of our customers? How will climate change affect the money we invested for the retirement of our clients, and how can data help us assess that risk? 

The financial industry has changed beyond recognition over the last few years, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. With a 100 million dollar venture fund, we invest in start ups and scale ups in the financial industry and service delivery. Together with our innovative partners, we develop state of the art financial technology. Diversity helps us think in new ways. Check out our diversity programme here.

Want to join a team that’s looking for opportunities to use the latest technologies? Draw on colleagues’ ideas? Together, help turn them into great results worldwide? And find an answer to the question: what if we live to be over a 100 years? Take a look at our website.