Bringing innovation to healthcare

Dutch Hacking Health is a #patientsincluded event where technology, design, entrepreneurship, healthcare and patients are brought together during one weekend. It will be held in the weekend of 19th – 21st of May. Hacking Health aims to transform healthcare by connecting teams, which usually rarely collaborate, who search for human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems. During the weekend, participants will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and problems on stage. After that they will form teams  to try find a solution in 48 hour. At the end of the weekend the teams will give a presentation of the results and the winners will be selected by a multidisciplinary expert panel.

Diversity is the basis to success in innovation. The reason we use multidisciplinary teams is to combine different perspectives that lead to new opportunities. Diversity stimulates creativity and will help us to design solutions that shape the future of health(care).

Dutch Hacking Health