Sanquin is a knowledge-driven not-for-profit organization that supplies life-saving products, focusing on the needs of the care sector. Through scientific research, we look for and find new solutions for medical problems in the field of transfusion medicine, hematology and immunology. We are constantly aware of our responsibility to handle the donors’ gift carefully, responsibly and effectively, and to put the patients’ safety and welfare first.

Sanquin ensures a safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands. Blood is the basis and inspiration, but we look beyond blood alone. Next to collecting blood, Sanquin produces pharmaceutical products, conducts high-quality scientific research, develops and performs a multitude of diagnostic services and provides training and education. We are at the forefront worldwide with our expertise in the field of transfusion, hematology and immunology thanks to our own products and production activities for third parties.

SanquinSanquin believes in diversity, in blood and beyond. Only if our workforce reflects society we can truly state our organization is diverse. Diversity in age, gender, religion or origin enriches our organization and ensures a better connection to our donors and patients. Sanquin needs diversity in its blood, literally and figuratively. Read more about us on our website