Amsterdam Airport Schiphol wants to become the world’s leading digital airport by 2019. And one thing is clear – without women, we can do nothing.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third largest in Europe, and the biggest in the Netherlands. We connect over 63 million people to more than 320 global destinations every year.

We welcome thousands of travellers every day. And every single person that walks through our airport forms part of a diverse group. So as a company, we need to be diverse because it reflects the diversity of our customers. Teams composed of different personas – whether by gender, background or other significant marker – allow us to offer more creative and customer-focused solutions. And our results consistently prove that this approach is correct.

So to continue achieving these results, it’s important for both men and women to feel that they play a role in our success. At Schiphol, women make up 30.3% of our total workforce and their contributions bring valuable insights. We endeavour to have good gender distribution at all levels of the company, so that every interest will be fairly represented. We constantly work to create an inclusive culture where women feel encouraged and challenged to grow professionally.

Simply put, we can do nothing without women. And we’re proud to say that we have already done a lot toward breaking down the bureaucratic boundaries and invisible barriers that inhibit their development. We currently have total proportional representation at executive level, with women comprising 50% of our c-suite. They take part in high-level decisions, and are responsible for shaping the future of our organisation.

These facts certainly extend to our digital programme, too. More and more women occupy key roles – from scrum master to senior management to front-end development. And as we continue down the ‘digital’ path, we want to ensure that women and men have an equal shot – and that goes for any other group of people, too.

However, we recognise there is more work to do – not just for our company, but for the industry more generally. Tech is a traditionally male-dominated space, and research in the digital space has shown that women feel that their expertise is not as valued as those of their male peers. We want women to feel that their ideas are being embraced, to feel confidence in their technical abilities, and to feel supported by senior management to extend themselves further.

Schiphol GroupWe hope to keep riding the upward trend toward an even more diverse and inclusive workplace – because without women, we can do nothing!