PBLQ, the Dutch Institute for Public Administration, supports public administrations worldwide to excel in public value creation. PBLQ strengthens the core business of the public sector through consultancy, education, research and innovation.

The public sector is in transition. It needs innovation to ensure smarter organisations and more efficient processes to meet today’s societal challenges. PBLQ delivers projects, training and independent advice on organisational and process development to enhance the effectiveness of public administrations, operating on strategic, tactical and operational level.

Many PBLQ employees are former senior civil servants from the national, provincial or municipal level. We have a strong combined network, we learn from each other and the environment in which we operate. Diversity is key to a strong network, to be able to learn from each other on all different levels, on different fields and different views. Diversity is a key to succes.

PBLQ offers a traineeship for ambitious high potential young people. Within two years, a group of both young men and women are transformed into Information Professionals. We know the importance of both men and women within the Information Management sector and like to carry out this message when and wherever we can.