Diversity in the interest of financial stability

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is all about financial stability. Stable prices, smooth and safe payments and robust and reliable financial institutions. These are prerequisites for a healthy economy and prosperity in the Netherlands.

The key to succes

Working on trust in a high-quality, professional environment, driven by current developments and the dynamics of the financial world. In multidisciplinary teams in an international context at an organisation that has a great responsibility in society – what we do matters. And we do so with a great sense of integrity, loyalty and solidarity. They are key to our success.

Driven by the complexity of our duties and our strong faith in the added value of diversity, we constantly seek to strike the right balance in our workforce. It enables us to remain a faithful representation of a society that is becoming ever more international, multicultural and diverse. Diverse in terms of gender, cultural background, age, sexual orientation, physical challenges, religious persuasion and education. In actual practice, this is reflected in some of our networks: Young DNB, Female Capital and GayDNB.

Diversity in your team works!

In a rapidly changing financial world, it is crucial that we stay well abreast of digital innovations and use them to the fullest. The InnovationHub set up by DNB and the AFM is a case in point. It aims to facilitate innovation in the financial sector, supporting operators that seek to market innovative financial services or products and want to know the rules. In safeguarding financial stability and thus contributing to sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands, we have a challenging CIO agenda, with an ever increasing focus on data management and use in our primary processes. Diversity opens up further opportunities, provokes much discussion and debate – which can be intense at times – and also generates better ideas and wiser decision-making. To put it differently: diversity in your team works! It may drive you crazy, but diversity will make you a winner. It is great that 40% of the management of our ICT and Statistics divisions are women, setting a good example to the organisation as a whole, bearing in mind that we have made a deliberate choice to increase the number of women in management positions. How do we manage to do this? Simply by selecting candidates carefully on the basis of their leadership profile, career at DNB or in the financial sector, and relevant experience. And above all by affirming diversity as a core value.