I never thought of choosing an IT study

For my debut in blogging I would like to share my experience as a young woman with an IT study career. After high school, I was sure I wanted to study in the technical field, but what to choose? My favourite courses were the beta courses but I was also interested in psychology. At this stage, I never thought of choosing an IT study. Looking back this seems odd because both my parents work in IT, however they wanted me to make my own choices. To keep my options open, I chose to study Beta-Gamma which consists of different beta courses (such as Maths, Physics, Biology) and different gamma courses (such as Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology). This allowed me to postpone my choice for another year though in the second year, I had to choose my major.

I chose based on intuition

On the last night before I had to choose my major, I still had difficulty making a choice! The idea of committing to one subject was terrifying to me. I made a list and started scratching the majors I did not want to commit to. Now I had two majors left: Physics and Artificial Intelligence. Though Artificial Intelligence could be chosen as a major, there was no course about it in the first year of Beta-Gamma, just Logics and Maths, which I later learned are a part of it. Not exactly knowing what the Artificial Intelligence major would be like, I chose it partly based on intuition, knowing that my strengths lie with beta courses, but more so because I wanted to learn new technology.

Think about the future

This is where my study career in IT began, with my Artificial Intelligence major. Overwhelmed with programming courses at the beginning, I later learned that Artificial Intelligence is so much more! It combines Maths, Logic, and of course programming but also philosophy and psychology. This combination was perfect for me. This is why I also choose the Artificial Intelligence master. At this moment, I have finished my master thesis a couple of days ago. While being busy graduating, I postponed thinking about the future (when do I stop doing this?).

But now I hear a voice in the back of my head, and actually very often at birthday parties, what do you want to do now? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Well, I guess I have grown up now, but I do not know…

Most people end up in programming after my master, but what if this is not what I want to do now?

Searching for role models?

Artificial intelligence is so much more as a study, but is it in the work field? Being at the end of my IT study career, I struggle with these questions. It would be nice to have more information available about job opportunities after a study career in IT.

Therefore, I am now searching for some role models who can tell me about their career path and explain what their job really is about.

Written bij Laura Helgering