Innovation is a must. Innovation is good. At least that is echoed throughout the business world. But what is innovation, really? Innovation is more than just a good idea!

In practice the definition of innovation is not that simple. Innovation is not just something new, but also needs to add value to the customer.

Women can’t stay away

In the competitive world we live in today, innovation is key. We, women, can’t stay away.

I’m convinced that we, women, can contribute to innovation significantly, but only when we keep up with the times and we keep the changing expectations of customers in mind. Why do I believe this? To innovate it’s important to experiment, to think out-of-the-box, to create the wow-factor and to give customers the tools to innovate themselves. That’s just what we, women, are good at.

Invest in yourself!

We, women, are creative and sometimes a tad insecure. This makes us who we are. While you read this post, I’m sure you wonder what you can do to increase the role of women in innovation. Well: invest in yourself, because you are always there.

Together with you I want to be the best innovator. Why? Because otherwise it’s all over for us, women. This offers us, women, chances and new possibilities. Together we promote women to contribute to innovation. The world we live in raises expectations more and more. Required skills and abilities change all the time. Innovation is hard work, but that is what we’re good at!

We, women, don’t need to worry when something doesn’t go as planned or goes different than expected. Our brain works differently, it’s just a matter of getting things done.

In short: we, women, are great and invaluable in an ever changing world, in which we are gonna make the difference.

My Challenge for you

I’m very curious how the ‘innovative woman’ in you will manifest herself. My challenge for all of you is to post a picture of your ‘innovative self’ as a comment to my Facebook post on the RightBrains Facebook page. How great would it be to start and make a difference here!? #RightBrainschallenge


August 2017, Visiting the inspiring companies Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Startupbootcamp, Lloyd’s and AllSaints to learn more about innovation. This study trip has been made possible by Young! VIVAT.


A more innovative world

Don’t wait, start now! And feel free to show the world. Yes, we will! Don’t just believe what I tell you, but experience it for yourself. Something big is happening! Just like innovation itself your contribution can be something small or something big. Maybe it will not happen right away, but it’s us, women, who will make the world more innovative.

 This post was initially posted on the RightBrains Facebook page by Ouahiba Haddouti.