A culture of Respect, Engagement and Connection

Within Oracle, corporate citizenship means being responsible not only to our shareholders, but also to our stakeholders—those affected by and with an interest in our activities—including employees, customers, partners, society, and the environment. Culturally, we continue to invest in our global workforce through employee development and engagement, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and health and wellness programs.

One of our initiatives is the Oracle Women Leadership program. As a global initiative, the Oracle Women’s Leadership mission is to develop, engage, and empower current and future generations of Oracle women leaders to foster an inclusive and innovative workforce.

Within the Netherlands we also have an Oracle Women’s Leadership community, with the primary goal to create a good working environment which is also specifically focused on women, to develop and maintain women for the organization and to be an attractive employer for women. We do this from the principle of diversity, in which we assume that more diverse teams, are better, more creative and stronger than teams of a non-diverse composition.