Open your mind to the opportunities within digital technology                                       

A guide with inspiring stories from role models in digital technology.

Would you like to pursue a career in digital technology? Or are you interested to know more about what career opportunities are out there? Then, this Career Guide could help you get inspired!

In this guide role models will talk about their career journeys from different perspectives and how they found their way into digital technology. Read stories from women working at the edge of business and information technology. Experts will give their views on innovation, digital transformation and leadership.  This book offers you the chance to get inspired and think about your (future) career.


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“Working in technology can mean so much more than sitting behind a computer coding software all day “

One of our primary goals is to change the perceptions about careers in digital technology by letting (female) role models tell inspiring stories on our platform. We also invite experts to write articles informing our readers of the latest technology trends and how they will affect people, management and jobs.

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