Over more than 100 years Royal FloraHolland makes the world more beautiful and healthy with flowers and plants. We are a global supply chain that processes over 100.000 transactions per day. We send the best products to destinations all over the world within hours. Millions of plants and flowers of as many as 400.000 species. We are a cooperative that means that we work closely together with our members (growers) and their customers.

We need each other

Also within our company we need each other, despite all our differences. One works with his head, the other with his hands. One outlines the main objectives, the other fills in the details. It’s the differences that make us complete. We need each other’s passion and expertise, as well as that of our chain partners. Only by joining forces can we provide the energy, ideas and knowledge to make floriculture flourish.

Closing the gender gap

As nowadays business and technology become more integrated, and as certain hard skills become more common across the workforce, soft skills will become a differentiator. We will need people who can manage people and culture and develop vision around products and organizations. Creativity and empathy will also become more important, as transforming B2B requires transforming not only your business, but also the ecosystem around it and the people within it. These are areas where women tend to be more developed than men, providing a potential opportunity here for women to close the gender gap within tech. We therefore encourage women to apply for our tech vacancies and our top-50 leadership places. We are looking forward hearing from you! Take look at our website.