A plea for a whole-brain approach

I totally align with the mission of RightBrains, in which it aims to stimulate right-brain thinking in a world governed by left-brainers. Especially in the current age of rapid technological developments like big data, analytics and the cloud.

In this blog, I’d like to state that opportunities might arise when the dominant male values are accompanied by right-brain qualities such as intuitive awareness (including SQ and EQ: the so called Spiritual and Emotional intelligence), attaining a more meta perspective (the ability to see the bigger picture). Is the digital technology sector capable, willing and able to translate such aspects into its business attitude and culture?

Mind you, I’m not stating that all women or all men act, think or behave in the same way. Not at all! What I extract from the RightBrains mission is the message that digital technology, diversity and business growth should actually be able to create synergy. For sure this means, for managers leading digital technology, to step out of their comfort zone through embracing e.g. intuitive and creative qualities.

Be agile, act agile 

Agility is one of the latest buzz words within HR and recruitment. Which represents qualities such as resilience and flexibility of employees so they can be positioned in many different projects during their career, making them a valuable asset to the company. In the current global recruitment context for example we see companies competing for a new leadership breed that is marked as being agile. Digital technology professionals and psychologist do a lot of research to develop questionnaires, algorithms and methods in order to select these types of candidates. Their vacancies are designed to enter new markets and at the same time create new dependencies in a smart and efficient way within a range of ‘affordable risks’, when lucky. The outcomes however are mainly short-term and usually do not take global dependencies, nor societal or true consumer needs into consideration. Such perfect fits serve the company share- and stakeholders, it’s left-brain man power and for obvious reasons the current generation-Y profiles (a.k.a. Millennials). However, this approach tends towards narrow mindedness. Probably not the kind of agility we wish for.

The right tooling is key

One way to incorporate and appreciate right-brain qualities one could say starts within ourselves.

True, men and women might differ in the way we operate with our brain-driven system as a whole due to human evolution and traditions. We’re all unique and this is why a whole-brain approach could provide solutions.

Whole Brain Assessments 

This approach is still in its early days but with the usage of the right data it is possible to define and combine what drives and triggers you. Including your sensitivities (e.g. HSP: Highly Sensitive Person), (life) themes and the active roles you play out in (work)life. In a playful manner these assessments help you to increase your awareness and stimulate your full potential. Tooling like Human Design (where East meets West) or Core Value assessments can provide us these valuable left/right brain insights.

An Agile Future

Yes, with some unavoidable growth pain, magic might appear when stepping outside of our comfort(able) business growth and recruiting paradigms. Why serve the status quo? Let’s cross the corpus callosum: the bridge between our left and right brains.