Marijke van Doorn is a participant of the RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme 2018. Read her story below!

Marijke van Doorn graduated the University of Twente with a degree in Industrial Engineering & Management in 2003. Back in those days she chose the track construction technology and process management. Marijke made this decision because she was fascinated by the development of complex buildings and constructions, since so many materials and disciplines come together here.

The road to IT

In the years after graduation Marijke worked at Ingenieursbureau Utrecht (IBU) as a project manager. She was the lead of civil engineering projects: from designing to management in the construction site.

After a few years, Marijke realised that this was not completely her technical domain. She missed, for example, the engineering-part in her job. That realisation was the start of a career in IT: little by little Marijke got hooked on IT. She started as implementation manager responsible for implementing new and complex IT systems at the end-users’ work floor.

In 2008 she decided to start working as a freelancer and the projects became mostly more and more technical. Marijke prefers to do project management of complete IT projects: from the selection of applications, followed by the technical equipment, to the implementation on the work floor. However, sometimes she works on projects migrating application landscapes to a new infrastructure.

Welcome to the future

Today, Marijke sees herself as an experienced project manager. She is IPMA-certified, got more feeling for IT, built a network of very good specialists, and is able to value IT suppliers. For the future, she strives to developing IT strategies for organisations and managing the implementations.

For Marijke it is time for the next step in her professional development. That is why she chose to follow the RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme. She expects to gain knowledge about current and future IT developments, and discover how these developments can add value to the organisation. Furthermore, she wants to gain more knowledge about structuring organisations to make them adaptable to constant change driven by digital technology.

Are you just like Marijke ready to boost your digital career? Then, join our Digital Leadership Programme 2018. Forty-five talented women have followed this programme during the last three years. The programme comprises four modules of three days and are taught by top lecturers in the field of technology, digital transformation and leadership. The themes of the modules are: 1. New technologies, innovation and creative thinking; 2. Big data and digital marketing strategy; 3. Transformation strategies, business processes and technology; 4. Digital transformation and leadership. Read more details about the programme here.


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