We aim at growing the number of women in digital technology

RightBrains refers to the right brain half that governs creative and intuitive competences. Our aim is to inspire, develop and build a community of talented women with passion for digital technology. We give organisations access to our network of highly educated professionals interested in pursuing a career in this field. The RightBrainer profile ranges from starter, young professional to senior manager, employable in a wide range of positions for permanent or interim roles.

Ciao… say hello to your future

In this age of rapid technological developments such as big data, cloud and innovative robotics, more right-brain thinking is needed in a world governed by left-brainers. Success is largely determined by Creativity, Intuition, Adaptability and an Open mind (CIAO). It is a field with many career opportunities for women. Unfortunately, the share of women is still extremely low. RightBrains aims at growing the number of women who choose a study or career in digital technology. How?

Storytelling to improve the image of digital technology
Female role models play an important role inspiring and guiding other women about career opportunities. Through the RightBrains platform inspiring stories are told and information is provided about digital strategy, transformation, leadership and innovation to make digital technology attractive for women. Our partners use the RightBrains platform for employer branding, upcoming events and open vacancies.

Education as driver for change
RightBrains believes that education is an important driver for change. Together with thought industry leaders and lecturers from universities, such as Nyenrode Business University, we invent educational programmes that will develop and inspire female talents to become digital leaders of our future. Read more about our educational programmes here.

Networking events for community building
Together with partnering organisations RightBrains organises events with the purpose of connecting and inspiring our community of professionals. Once a year in November RightBrains organises the CIAO in one day. This day is filled with networking opportunities, renowned speakers and discussions about latest technology trends, digital transformation and the impact on organisations and careers. Read more about the CIAO in one day here.