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RightBrains is a unique organisation made up of professional women connecting through our network with a shared goal: more diversity in the digital technology field. The RightBrainer profile ranges from starter, young professional to senior manager, employable in a wide range of positions. From programme and project management, IT operations and service management to business analytics, digital marketing and web management. Some RightBrainers are interested in permanent positions, others prefer interim roles.

Why join us?

  • Grow your network
    RightBrains regularly organises events where you have access to a professional network and meet your peers.
  • Knowledge development
    RightBrains believes that education is an important driver for change. Together with partners we develop educational programmes and create an environment for growth in the field of digital technology, transformation, innovation and leadership.
  • Inspiring and informative content
    The RightBrains platform provides a continuous flow of content, such as: publications, relevant market research, blogs and web links that relate to our field of work. Our goal is to improve the image and attract more women in the field of digital technology. If you want to become one of our bloggers, please contact Tessa via

If you are that woman with digital ambitions and passion for information technology, become a RightBrainer!