Want to experience what it is like working for a start-up? Want to become part of a team with a true social and economic purpose? Want to grow your network and have your own career mentor? Then, maybe this is something for you! We are looking for three enthusiastic students who would like to support RightBrains accomplishing our mission to grow the number of women in digital technology!

Become a RightBrains Student Board member

Many women still believe digital technology is dull and only for men. The contrary is true: there are many great job opportunities for women in this field. Digital technology is much more than writing code behind a computer, and a technical study is not required to end up working in this field!

We want you to be our ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ and be creative about involving and inspiring female students to be part of a great network of talented women in digital.

Working with RightBrains is about teamwork and passion

We are looking for three beautiful minds who want to experience how it is working in a team. There are three roles in the team: Miss Content, the Social Media Master and the Event Angel. You’ll be spending about 6-8 hours per week supporting us during a period of (preferably) one year. Start is on April 1 (This is not an April Fools’ Day joke).

What is in it for you?

  • Insights and experience in a start-up company
  • Regular touch downs with your personal career mentor
  • A chance to increase your network
  • Experience and fun working in a team
  • Lots of space for own ideas since this is the first RightBrains Student Board
  • Last, but not least, a good feeling. You are supporting an important social and economic cause!

Did we get your attention? Then, read about the different roles described below and apply!
Please note that these are voluntary positions to support our good cause.

Miss Content

As Miss Content your main goal is creating inspiring content for our platform. You can do this together with other ‘tech girls’, or write your own blogs and opinions. You will be the editor of our platform and will help organise the RightBrains Digital Talent Challenge. Do you have passion for writing, and would you describe yourself as curious? Then, become the first Miss Content of the RightBrains Junior Board!

Ideal candidate

  • Has a curious mind, eyes for detail and is proactive
  • Writes high level English, preferably native
  • Knows how to master WordPress and MailChimp

Please make sure you include your name, study, location and motivation letter.

Social Media Master

As Social Media Master your main goal is to get female students involved in our network. Do you see yourself increasing the number of followers on our social media channels? This requires not only inspiring messaging and creativity, but also smart analysis of our social media stats. Ready for this? Then, become RightBrains’ first Social Media Master!

Ideal candidate

  • Has a creative mind and loves social media
  • Knows how to analyse social media stats
  • Has a sufficient level of English (writing)

Please make sure you include your name, study, location and motivation letter.

Event Angel

As Event Angel you are taking the lead in organizing several events that will involve bringing together students and role models from organisations. You will also contribute to our yearly CIAO in one day event. Do you see yourself as entrepreneurial and do you like planning and organizing events? Then, become the first Event Angel of the RightBrains Student Board!

 Ideal candidate

  • Has strong planning and communication skills and is proactive
  • Has a sufficient level of English

Please make sure you include your name, study, location and motivation letter.

For more information please contact Eva Käller.