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The RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme, which will run from 17 September 2019 to 4 March 2020, consists of four modules:

New Technologies, Innovation and Creative Thinking 

September 17 and 18; October 10

Technology today is developing at a rapid rate and business leaders must make a concerted effort to educate themselves on the latest technological breakthroughs and explore how these technologies can be adopted into their organisations.

At the end of this module, you will be:

  • Completely updated and informed about the latest technological trends such as cyber and artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain and the internet of things (IoT).
  • Trained to identify and prepared to pursue opportunities for innovation in your organisation.
  • Able to use numerous instruments to drive innovation in your organisation.

Get in touch to learn more about the full programme below. We’re also offering New Technologies and Innovation as a two-day training course.

Big Data and Digital Marketing Strategy 

October 29; November 21 and 22

Businesses are collecting more and more data each year. To interact and engage with customers in a new way, businesses must have the right people, systems and processes in place. In this module, participants will gain insights into the most recent developments in big data and digital marketing and learn how to put them into practice. 

At the end of this module, you will be:

  • Able to identify opportunities for your organisation to leverage big data to create business value.
  • Capable of developing strategies to utilise product and client data to create value for your customers.
  • Equipped with a set of digital marketing instruments that can be used to devise, execute, and measure your organisation’s strategic initiatives.
  • Updated on the latest trends and techniques related to search engines and social media instruments.

Get in touch to learn more about the full programme below. We’re also offering Big Data and Digital Marketing Strategy as a two-day training course.

Transformation Strategies, Business Processes and Technology 

December 19; January 14 and 15 

Innovations in digital technology have given businesses the capability to make better decisions, improve their processes, and develop new business models. To achieve this, however, they must undergo a digital transformation, embracing new technologies and revolutionising their processes and practices.  

At the end of this module, you will be:

  • Able to analyse and model business processes and new forms of organising.
  • Familiar with the instruments you will need to analyse the demand for IT, such as portfolios and business cases.
  • Equipped with the tools required to implement agile processes in your organisation successfully.

Get in touch to learn more about the full programme below. We’re also offering Business Processes and Technology as a two-day training course.

Digital Transformation and Leadership 

February 13; March 3 and 4

Previously, leaders operated in a hierarchical and formalised structure, but now they operate in flat, fluid and interconnected environment. How does an organisation adapt to these changes? Digital transformation necessitates a high degree of change management as well as new strategies, skills, and behaviours.

At the end of this module, you will be:

  • Able to determine which new skills are required from a digital leader and which strategies they should employ to engage their management and employees.
  • Capable of understanding the strategic and ethical choices that are demanded of leaders in today’s digital world.
  • Equipped with strategies that can be used by digital leaders to overcome unconscious bias in their organisations and bring out the best in their people.

Get in touch to learn more about the full programme below. We’re also offering Digital Transformation and Leadership as a two-day training course.

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