This year RightBrains announced two awards during our yearly CIAO in one day event on October 31st. Few women still choose to work in the field of digital technology. This is mainly due to a negative image of IT. Many women who choose to work in this field also leave again due a masculine culture and leadership within their organisations. The purpose of these awards is to share inspiring stories and best practices from female role models and ambassadors in digital technology to engage and inspire more women for a career in this field.

Digital Leadership & Diversity award

RightBrains and Computable invited you to nominate your favourite digital leader who has incorporated (gender) diversity as a mind set for success and innovation within the organisation.

Digital Talent award

RightBrains started a blog & vlog challenge to involve women at the start of their career to spread the word about digital innovations and technology. The purpose of this challenge is to show that digital technology is exciting for everyone: men and women!