Few women choose a career in digital technology. This is mainly due to an unknown perception of the possibilities and the lack of female role models. Many young women who choose to work in digital technology after higher education also leave again due to a male dominated leadership environment in which they work. The purpose of the awards is to share inspiring role model stories and best practices from young female talents and digital leaders (male and female), with the goal to attract and grow the number of women in this exciting field full of career opportunities.

RightBrains and Computable invite you to nominate your favourite digital talent and digital leader. This year’s awards are announced on November 1st during our yearly RightBrains event.


Digital Leadership & Diversity award

The winner of this award has shown distinguishing values and behaviours as a digital leader, and has shown a big difference in growing (gender) diversity in his or her team.

Digital Talent award

The winner of this award is a young professional and great example for our next generation female talents. She has shown how creativity, intuition, adaptivity and an open mind can create great career opportunities entering the field of digital technology.