The speed of new technologies is changing our society, organisations and people, and the gap of digital talent is growing along with this. RightBrains’ ambition is to involve more women at the start of their career in digital technology as role models to attract more female talent in this field. That is why we decided to launch a Digital Talent award. The winner of this award is a young professionals and great example for our next generation women. She has shown how Creativity, Intuition, Adaptivity and an Open mind can create great career opportunities entering the field of digital technology. These competences of the right brain can add great value to digital transformation, technology and innovation.


Nominate your favourite digital talent

RightBrains and Computable invite you to nominate your favourite digital talent. Nominations can be submitted until October 1, 2018. The top 5 nominated talents will be chosen by the jury and are invited to present themselves on November 1st during our yearly RightBrains event. During this event the winner of the Digital Talent award will be announced.

The Jury

The jury consists of: Sander Hulsman (chief editor Computable), Geke Rosier (founder RightBrains), Petri Hofste (non-executive multi-board member), Kay Formanek (CEO Diversity & Performance), Melvin Tsoe Nij (founder Young Global People) and Mimoent Haddouti (Head of Risk, Reporting & Security Rabobank (SVP) and winner of the Digital Leadership & Diversity award 2017).

Participants 2017