Since the world has been changing and everything around us has been driven by digital technology, RightBrains felt that they had to do something to involve more women at the start of their career in digital technology and innovation. Therefore, RightBrains introduced the RightBrains Digital Talent Award. In this way, RightBrains hopes to show actively that digital technology is, in fact, exciting!

Participants from all over the world joined the race for this award by competing in the blog & vlog challenge. They did so by using their right-brain, the creative side of the brain. The result: writing a blog or making a vlog about a cool tech innovation.

The RightBrains jury selected one winner based on the most creative blog. During the CIAO in One Day 2017 on the 31st of October the winner was announced. The winner did not only go home with the RightBrains Digital Talent award of the year but won an iPhone 7 as well (sponsored by Amac).

Participants 2017

The women who were competing for the Digital Talent Award 2017 were:





Angela Skeen, who wrote about 5 event technology trends to both wow and engage your attendees.

Ilse de Jonge, who blogged about the Internet for everyone.

Ouahiba Haddouti, who states that women can (and, in fact, have to) contribute to innovation significantly.

Daniele Tump, who is shifting the statement that beauty and the brains is not a match for digital technology.

Laura Helgering, who is convinced that artificial intelligence is for everyone by explaining it with an example of the robots in Spy in the wild.

Ivana Setiawan, who wants digital women in action! And states that women are about to blow our minds.

And the winner of the first RightBrains Digital Talent award of the year is…