CIAO Academy: career development aimed at digital leadership

CIAO stands for Creativity, Intuition, Adjustment and an Open mind. Right-brain skills that women can bring to the table. Very few leaders saw the speed of digital disruption coming. Where we will stand in ten years no one can predict. The next years of digital transformation will not be about technology but about agility, experimenting and breaking through old patterns. RightBrains offers professional education and inspiration to develop and grow the number of female digital leaders.

Digital leadership programme  

This is a unique programme combining business administration, information technology and leadership applied to our digital economy. Participants become well-versed in the contents of and insights into digital market developments and their impact on strategy, organisation and talent. Read more.

Career Guide

This guide will open your mind to the opportunities within digital technology. In this guide role models talk about their career journeys from different perspectives and how they found their way into digital technology. Read more.

CIAO in one day

Every year RightBrains organises the CIAO in One Day. One day of knowledge and inspiration about digital and technology trends, and the impact on society, organisations and people. No boring lectures, but inspiring stories given by renowned speakers. Read more.