Professional education for women with passion for digital technology

The RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme is a unique programme combining business administration, information technology and leadership applied to our digital economy. The programme targets talented women with several years of management experience in digital technology or related jobs. Participants of this programme become well-versed in the contents of and insights into technological and digital market developments and their impact on strategy, organisation and talent. The modules are taught by prominent lecturers from Nyenrode Business University and experts in the fields of technology, digital transformation and leadership. Listen to what students say about this programme here.

Boost your digital career

The programme comprises four modules of three days spread across one year with interim-meetings for project groups. The themes of the modules are: 1. New technologies, innovation and creative thinking; 2. Big data and digital marketing strategy; 3. Transformation strategies, business processes and technology; 4. Digital transformation and leadership. Read more details about the programme here.

Time and financial investments

On average, participation in the programme during the year takes about 2 days a month. There will be no lectures during the summer holidays. The fifth edition of this programme will start in April 2019. Full programme costs are € 8.995,-. Prices include study materials and catering; exclude VAT and accommodation expenses. Meet our lecturers here.

More information

If you are interested participating in the programme and/or you want more information, please contact Geke Rosier by sending an email to: