Jan Veldsink has been a core teacher at Nyenrode Business University for many years with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of digital technology. He is specialised in Artificial Intelligence (AI), cyber security, systems thinking, organisational and group dynamics, serious gaming and innovation. Jan is a creative energetic new thinker with passion for technology and people. He is a speaker, senior advisor, trainer and coach. His mission is to contribute to a secure and endurable environment within teams and organisations.

Digital leadership programme RightBrainsProf. Dr. Jeff Gaspersz is full professor innovation at Nyenrode Business University. His professional passion lies in the thought process behind and contribution to value-driven companies that give employees sufficient room to use their creativity, power of imagination and entrepreneurship for organisational and personal success. He feels a deep involvement with lowering the barriers for women to enter leadership positions. He previously worked as director of the KPMG Center for Innovation in the Netherlands. Jeff has published articles and books in the field of innovation and business creativity. He is actively involved in research and consultancy in the field of innovation strategies and inventive thinking and supported over 350 companies in finding new opportunities.

Dr. Jeroen van der Velden is associate professor Strategy and director of the Strategy Centre at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. He has a background in Organisational psychology and lectures on the topics digital transformation, strategy alignment, new business models, transformation management and New Ways of working. Jeroen has more than 25 years’ experience in consultancy. He is active in various sectors of Industry; financial, utilities, process industry and government. As a researcher, he has been focusing on strategy alignment and the effects of information technology in organisational environments. He received his PhD degree at Delft University of Technology based on research on distributed team working in 1995.

Kay de Gier-Formanek
 is researcher, author, lecturer and advisor in the area of diversity and performance. Her passion is to unleash the true potential of diversity within business organisations and society in relation to what is required from leaders. After 25 years’ Accenture, as Partner and Managing Director, Kay founded a global company Diversity and Performance. Kay is a much invited lecturer at some of the top business schools in the world, serves as plenary speaker on diversity and has created Executive Leadership Courses on Diversity for global companies. She has authored the Integrated Diversity Framework that is used as a reference model for Diversity Training and Leadership. She also serves as Vice-Chair for HNTPO, an NGO focusing on liberating women and children and devastated communities.

Rini van Solingen (prof. dr. ir.) is speaker, writer, teacher and entrepreneur. He is professor at the University of Delft and regularly teaches at Nyenrode Business University in masterclasses and MBA programmes. Besides his passion for education and lecturing Rini is also CTO within Prowareness. As a strategic consultant he successfully helps implement Agile transformations and building Responsive Enterprises. Rini is author of several managemet books, of which: ‘De Kracht van Scrum, Agile werken in 60 minuten, De Responsive Enterprise, en De Bijenherder’.

Prof. Dr. Bert Kersten is Professor in Business Processes and ICT at Nyenrode. His passion is to help organisations and people to advance. He considers knowledge gaining and sharing as the key for sustainable growth both in economic terms as in community building. Technology is one of the thrilling powers in human activities. It changes our way of working, our way of interacting, our way of production and our perspective of life. As a professor Bert lecturers about how companies can be successful (survive) in this vortex of change and instability. How can they be transparent towards their stakeholders who raise questions about value, costs, performance and projects in IT. And how to do better!

ayman-van-bregt-portret-jpeg-min-1Ayman van Bregt is a digital strategist and co-founder of the Dutch Social Media Academy (NSMA). He is specialised in digital value creation, internet technology and innovation, marketing communication and strategy development. His passion is to create value to customers by turning digital (and social) media into digital value, digital customer experiences and social business. Ayman is a certified NIMA-teacher and Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). As a teacher and developer of courses he is committed to course institutions (including ICM Opleidingen & Trainingen) and business schools (TIAS, European Institute for Brand Management (EURIB) and the Institution for Sales and Account Management (ISAM). Ayman is author of more than 10 books regarding digital marketing and social media. His most successful book sold more than 10.000 copies.

John Poppelaars is lecturer at the AOG School of Management and Practice Leader Advanced Analytics at BearingPoint. John is a specialist in the field of analytics and a passionate proponent of its use as a key business enabler. Throughout his career, he has applied the business maxim of ‘improving decision-making quality’ to optimise businesses with the best suitable analytics techniques. John was awarded the 2012 Franz Edelman Award for this work with TNT Express which resulted in substantial savings. John is an advisor to the Operations Research program of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, committee member of the EURO Excellence in practice award, founding member of the European Decision Professionals community and is regularly invited to lecture on data & analytics at various universities. Furthermore, he has created a blog titled, ‘OR at Work’, where he writes about the practical application of analytics in business.

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