Learning to code … That is not for me, is it? Why would I want to code?

You use your computer and the apps on your phone every day. You might want to know how they
make them and you might want to make an app yourself. If that is the case, go forward, this training
is for you. In two days you are introduced to the basics of coding. No hassle about the hardware. The
training is about what is needed to let computers do what you want them to do and why they are
made: executing programmes and assignments.

For anyone who wants to understand the basics of coding

No coding experience is required for this course. It does not matter if you have dabbled in coding or never written a line of code. This course guides you through the basics. Using Python, it explains in plain English how coding works and why it is needed.

Learning by doing

The course is an introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, use and at the same time is very powerful. It is used by many professional programmers. By the end of the training, you will be familiar with Python syntax and you are able to create a Python programme that delivers the requested solution and demonstrate its functionality to the rest of the group.

Time and financial investment

Two-day training from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.
Costs are € 1.295,- excl. VAT, including catering and study materials.

During the two-day training you will need a laptop with the Python installed on it. You have to install the latest version of Python v3.x on your computer. 

On September 24 and 25 this training is full. We will be planning another training beginning of 2019. If you are interested, please contact Geke Rosier by sending an email to: geke.rosier@rightbrains.nl/.


Tyron Offerman is lecturer at Leiden University for the BSc Computer Science and Economics. Driven by his passion for alignment, whether it is business and IT or consultancy and academics, he combines different fields to create more value. His deep understanding of technology and broad knowledge of business provides him with the right background as consultant in IT advisory at BearingPoint. Tyron is also part of the curriculum committee for Computer Science & Economics. At the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, he is currently pursuing a PhD in business capabilities and agile ecosystems. Tyron is regularly invited as keynote speaker at various events to talk about business capabilities, agile ecosystems, and software selection.