Digital Leadership Programme


A new age of competition

Technology today is developing at a rapid rate, and business leaders often find themselves struggling to stay up to date and informed about the latest technological advancements. In order to be able to use these new technologies to create competitive advantage and business value, business leaders must make a concerted effort to educate themselves on the latest technological breakthroughs and explore how these technologies can be adopted into their organisations.

The influx of big data is a part of the digital revolution, which requires a totally different way of interacting and engaging with customers. Businesses today are absolutely drowning in data, and the amount of data collected continues to double each year. With the digital ecosystem becoming more complex, also the cyber threat landscape increases, exposing companies to multiple cyber risks that can impact on business objectives, safety and environment.

Learning objectives
  • Completely updated and informed about the latest technological trends and developments
  • Learn about data driven business models and new technologies such as AI, blockchain, Internet of Things
  • Understand how new technologies impact digital marketing strategies and creating value for customers
  • Able to identify opportunities for your organisation to leverage big data and to create business value
  • Learn about data driven working (Big Data, Data strategy, Business Intelligence and data visualisation)
  • Understand the challenges of AI and the perceived benefits. Learn about cyber security, predictive maintenance, types of machine learning and how to start with BigML
  • Know the trends and key challenges businesses face from a security and privacy perspective and how to approach cyber security and privacy holistically

The module is part of the Digital Leadership Programme which starts in October 2021. The dates for this module are 13 and 14 October, 8 and 9 November.

You can also follow this module stand-alone. The cost for one module is €2.950 excluding VAT and accommodation.

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