Big Data and Digital Marketing Strategy Training

Businesses today are drowning in data, and the amount of data collected continues to double each year. The question is: what can companies do with all the data they have amassed?

To utilise this data to create business value, businesses must have the right people, systems and processes in place. 

An influx of data has changed the business landscape. To succeed in this new landscape, companies must be able to formulate digital marketing strategies that capitalise on big data, social media, and other digital-age trends and technologies.

This two-day training is targeted at talented women who possess several years of management or professional experience in an industry that utilises digital technology.

Afterwards, you will be able to identify opportunities for your organisation to leverage big data to create business value and capable of developing strategies to utilise product and client data to create value for your customers.

Core lecturers

Schedule, price and venue

Big Data and Digital Marketing Strategy Training will be held at Drakenburg—2020 dates to be confirmed.

The price is €1.495 excluding VAT and accommodation. It includes study materials and catering.

This training is also part of our Digital Leadership Programme, which will run from September 2020.

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