Business Processes and Technology Training

The mobile revolution, as well as the emergence of smart sensors and the internet of things (IoT), have had an immense impact on the global business landscape.

Companies today face unprecedented competitive challenges, but also have unparalleled opportunities for growth and development.

How can businesses increase their agility and their ability to succeed in today’s complex, challenging and ever-changing business environment?

This two-day training is targeted at talented women who possess several years of management or professional experience in an industry that utilises digital technology.

Afterwards you will be able to analyse and model business processes and new forms of organising. You will also be familiar with the instruments you will need to analyse the demand for IT, such as portfolios and business cases, and equipped with the tools required to implement agile processes in your organisation successfully.

Core lecturers

  • Bert Kersten
    Bert Kersten

    Prof.dr. Bert Kersten is a professor in business processes and ICT at Nyenrode Business University.

  • Rini van Solingen
    Rini van Solingen Rini van Solingen is a professor at the University of Delft and an expert in implementing agile transformations.

Schedule, price and venue

Business Processes and Technology Training will be held at Drakenburg—2020 dates to be confirmed.

The price is €1.495 excluding VAT and accommodation. It includes study materials and catering.

This training is also part of our Digital Leadership Programme, which will run from September 2020.

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