Learn to code in 9 weeks


In the age of keeping up with technology, learning how to code is like learning how to write. Together with our partner Le Wagon, we aim to teach you the essentials of programming in an action-packed 9 weeks — even if you’re a beginner!

At the end of this intensive bootcamp, you’ll be able to build several web applications (including your own project), create a solid Github portfolio and learn how to work within a team of techies. 

We’re also hosting speed dating events (like this one!) to help match organisations with female coders.

The next bootcamp starts on 13 July 2020.

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Is coding really for you?

RightBrains believes that learning how to code is one of the most valuable investments you can make and wants to inspire you to add coding skills to your skill set! If you’re a little unsure about coding and would like to find out how it can be useful to you, keep an eye on our events page

More about Le Wagon

We’re proud to have Le Wagon as a partner! Founded six years ago, Le Wagon has taught over 300 batches of their 9-week in-person coding bootcamp (5500+ graduates). As a result, Le Wagon is now the world’s top-ranked coding bootcamp (sources: Switchup, Coursereport). In these bootcamps, students learn how to build robust and beautiful applications, collaborate within a team of developers and adopt the technical workflow used by successful tech companies all over the world.