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Transforming digital learners into digital leaders

Recognising that tomorrow’s digital leaders are today’s digital learners, the Digital Leadership Programme offers an intensive, invaluable educational experience for women with digital leadership ambitions. The programme is targeted at talented women who possess several years of management or professional experience in an industry that utilises digital technology.

This programme aims to increase the number of women in digital leadership positions – and thus serves a fundamental social and economic purpose. Women are historically underrepresented in digital leadership roles, and this programme seeks to provide them with the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed as digital leaders today.

The Digital Leadership Programme is in its 6th year and 65 women have successfully completed the programme. The modules are taught by prominent lecturers from Nyenrode Business University, University of Delft, INSEAD and The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Stroll down memory lane here.

The programme consists of three modules of four days each. 

Learn more about each module below.

Programme schedule and costs

On average, participants spend two days per month on the programme. The total cost of the full programme is €7.950 excluding VAT and accommodation. 

You can also follow this programme modularly. The cost for one module is €2.950 and for two modules is €5.650, excluding VAT and accommodation.

The sixth edition of the Digital Leadership Programme will start in January 2021 and end in May 2021.

Module 1 - A new age of competition: 5 and 6 January 2021, 2 and 3 February 2021.

Module 2 - Strategic response to technological change: 3 and 4 March, 30 and 31 March 2021.

Module 3 - Digital transformation in execution: 22 and 23 April 2021, 17 and 18 May 2021. 

Module 1: A new age of competition

Discover the latest technological trends, new business models, digital transformation and the impact on leadership and value creation for clients. At the end of this module you understand and can explain why organisations need to respond to technological change.

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Module 2: Strategic response to technological change

Learn how organisations can leverage data and AI to create breakthroughs in business value. Experience how to create an organisation with the right leadership, people and processes in place and how to develop opportunities for innovation.

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Module 3: Digital transformation in execution

Learn the modern approach to software development including ‘no code/low code’ and how basic coding works. Create innovation by using a design thinking mindset and learn how to make decisions and evaluate risk.

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    Get inspired

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  • Patricia Steele
    Patricia Steele

    "I learned a lot about change, how to innovate and how to act as a leader in a digital world."

    Manager: Sales Enablement at KPN
  • Ferial Inja
    Ferial Inja

    "The digital leadership programme gave me the tools required to engage better with digital natives and IT partners."

    Operations Manager: Benelux at Chubb
  • Miriam Hendriksen
    Miriam Hendriksen

    “The programme inspired me and made me think about my role in digital transformation and what kind of company I would like to work for.”

    Manager: Operational Excellence at PON.
  • Jennifer Gravenstijn
    Jennifer Gravenstijn

    "This hands-on experience allowed me to experience what it takes to build something from scratch. It gave me the opportunity to see things through the eyes of a developer."

    Manager: Transformation at ING Tech

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