Digital Transformation and Leadership Training


Today’s complex and dynamic business world requires companies to change their leadership and management paradigms.

Previously, leaders operated in a hierarchical and formalised structure, but now they operate in a flat, fluid and interconnected environment. How does an organisation adapt to these changes?

Digital transformation necessitates a high degree of change management as well as new strategies, skills, and behaviours. To achieve success in the digital age, companies need to revisit and rethink the concept of leadership, revolutionise the way they operate and interact, and look to cultivate a new generation of leaders for the future.    

This two-day training is targeted at talented women who possess several years of management or professional experience in an industry that utilises digital technology. Afterwards, you will be able to determine which new skills are required from a digital leader and which strategies they should employ to engage their management and employees.

You will also understand the strategic and ethical choices that are demanded of leaders in today’s digital world and be equipped with strategies that can be used by digital leaders to overcome unconscious bias in their organisations and bring out the best in their people.

Schedule, price and venue

Digital Transformation and Leadership Training will be held on 13 February and 3 March 2020 at Drakenburg

The price is € 1.495 excluding VAT and accommodation. It includes study materials and catering.

This training is also part of our Digital Leadership Programme.