Digital Leadership Programme


Strategic response to technological change

Businesses today are absolutely drowning in data, and the amount of data collected continues to double each year. The influx of big data is a part of the digital revolution, which requires a totally different way of interacting and engaging with customers. 

For many business leaders, this requires a change in mindset as they must cultivate an openness to the possibilities of innovation as well as the ability to drive technological and organisational change. The innovation leaders have holacratic organisations, apply lean startup and agile working to achieve real innovation.  

Learning objectives
  • Able to identify opportunities for your organisation to leverage big data and to create business value
  • Learn about data driven working (Big Data, Data strategy, Business Intelligence and data visualisation)
  • Experience Artificial Intelligence in one day. Understand the challenges of AI and the perceived benefits. Learn about cyber security, predictive maintenance, types of machine learning and how to start with BigML
  • Trained to build agile organisations and equipped with the tools required to implement agile processes such as DevOps
  • Learn about the Lean Start-up
  • Trained to identify and prepared to pursue opportunities for innovation in your organisation

The module is part of the Digital Leadership Programme which starts in September 2021. The exact dates for this module are to be confirmed.

You can also follow this module stand-alone. The cost for one module is €2.950 excluding VAT and accommodation.

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