RightBrains webinar

16 February 2023

12:00 pm - 01:00 pm CET

Letting go of something that no longer serves you can be daunting, but the act of doing so frees up space for new, more beneficial things to enter your life!

Join us on Thursday, February 16th from 12:00-1:00 as we delve into the book ‘Daddy Says No’ with author Benji Coetzee -- an inspiring collection of anecdotes paired with research on how decisions and emotions influence and shape our lives.

Benji, our guest speaker, is an entrepreneur, mentor, and behavioural designer. This interactive session will reflect on the lessons and tools her book provides -- and offer practical advice for you to take back control and live your best life.

You are in for a transformational journey of emotions from romantic to professional, to entrepreneurial.

Attendees will stand a chance to win one of five copies of Daddy says No, courtesy of RightBrains and Benji.

Reserve your seat today and don’t forget to bring a friend!  

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Our special guest

Benji Coetzee, is an entrepreneur, mentor and the Executive Vice President of Growth & Change at KPN.

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