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Research shows women (and underrepresented minorities) who have an effective mentor, not only at work but also during education, are more likely to enter and stay in tech-related careers. Promoting diversity and inclusion within the IT-workforce is a top-of-mind issue for CIOs and IT executives (says 87%). CIOs see mentoring as a promising tactic in light of the ‘war on talent’. However, research also shows that only 20% of US CIOs surveyed say they have formal initiatives in place to promote workplace diversity and inclusion [How CIOs are redefining mentorship to advance diversity and inclusion – Deloitte Insights].

This is the reason why RightBrains is creating a safe environment for women to accelerate in their digital careers. Having a mentor can make a big difference for women looking to start or advance in their digital career. In fact, a lack of mentors and female role models are the top two barriers experienced by women in technology today.

On May 27 from 5 pm until 6 pm we invite you to be part of our Mentor Meetup. Women in the community share experiences from their mentor-mentee relationships: How to find yourself a mentor to help you grow your digital career and how to start the conversation. Join us and experience a new series of deep meaning to your career and learn from Nikki Wilton (mentor) and Janita Sluurman (mentee) about how they have been building and measuring a mentorship relationship that works.
How to join?
The Mentor Meetups are accessible for free to all RightBrains community members. Click on the button Join RightBrains and follow the onboarding instructions on the RightBrains Match & Mentor App. On our Slack Mentor Meetup channel you will receive more information.


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Our Mentor-Mentee guests

Nikki Wilton is a Sales and Transformation Leader with more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry. She is passionate about people, drives successful outcomes within her teams, and through her unique and strategic business insight, she plays a big part in helping accelerating women’s careers through the talent pipeline.

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Janita Sluurman is the Head of Data at Eurofiber and is responsible for successfully implementing data driven initiatives along the chain, enabling that data is properly used for decision making, embedding procedures in the organisation and ensuring data quality.

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