RightBrains Spring Event 2022

14 April 2022

1:00 pm - 6:30 pm CET

Join us for the RightBrains Spring event which will take place on 14 April at The Edge - Deloitte Amsterdam. At 1:30 pm our host Dana Spataru, partner Cyber Security at Deloitte, and Geke Rosier, founder of RightBrains, will take the stage to welcome us. From then on we have inspiring keynotes on stage and an hour break to meet with the role models from our partnering organisations. At around 5:00 pm we will end the day and we will meet and mingle with drinks and snacks. The objective of this event is to be inspired, learn and connect with like-minded women working at different stages in their careers. Deadline for registration is 7 April.

Reinventing leadership
The theme is reinventing leadership. Digital transformation necessitates a high degree of change management as well as new strategies, skills and behaviours. To achieve success in the digital age, companies need to revisit and rethink the concept of leadership. During this event we will hear from expert leaders about the digital revolution and how it is changing leadership. Join us and listen to these inspiring keynotes: 
  • Uling Hu, Partner at Deloitte Consulting, will share her expertise about business transformations & human capital.
  • Carrie Carrasco, Director Solution Architects at Red Hat, will talk about leading open organisations.
  • Kay Formanek, expert and author diversity and inclusion, talks about her new book Beyond D&I, and about leadership and purpose.
  • Carola Boer, Director People & Organsation Development at Bol.com, will talk about Bol.com’s transition, how they got IT closer to the business, and what it means for leadership if you become big and want to stay agile.
Meet and greet with our partners
If you want to know more about careers in digital technology, meet and learn from role models at our partnering organisations, then is event may be a great opportunity for you. A great opportunity for 3rd and 4th year Bachelor and Master students and those considering a career switch to learn more about careers in digital technology. You do not need a technical background to join.  
How to join?
Our events are accessible for free to all RightBrainers. Create an account on the RightBrains Career & Mentor platform and follow the onboarding instructions. You can register on your dashboard for upcoming events. We can welcome a limited amount of people so don't wait signing up. 

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Keynote speakers

Uling Hu, Partner Business Tranformation and Human Capital at Deloitte 

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Director Solution Architects at Red Hat and evangelist of the open organisation, open culture and open leadership.

Carola Boers, Director People & Organsation Development at Bol.com 

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Kay Formanek, expert and author D&I at Diversity & Performance

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Our chairwoman

Victoria Coady, Manager at Deloitte Nederland specialising in Digital Enablement

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Our host

Dana Spataru, Partner Cyber Security at Deloitte

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