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Starting 28 January, we will be hosting Tech Talks with industry experts from leading universities and organisations on every last Thursday of the month (10 am – 11 am). Through RightBrains Tech Talks we aim to promote learning, inspire discussions between you and your peers and boost your digital career. At RightBrains we believe that continuous learning is the key to keeping up with latest technology trends and staying ahead of the competition. That is why we’re making our Tech Talks available to all our platform users. On our Slack channel we will continue the conversation and learn from each other.

The human-side of technology

Technology develops at lightning speeds, and with it comes many opportunities for both our economy and society. These new developments in technology influence every aspect of our lives, but this also gives rise to many ethical questions. A new generation of technology experts are emerging using technology as a tool to make a positive impact on society. But are they using the right skills to build the right things? Or more specifically: are they building things in a right manner?

In our first RightBrains Tech Talk, industry experts Jo-An Kamp (Fontys University of Applied Sciences) and Paul Slot (KPN) will provide insight into their experiences relating to technology and ethics, and why ethics can no longer be ignored in technology. Jo-An will address the Technology Impact Cycle Tool, an application that helps students think critically about the impact of technology on humans and society. Paul will reflect on this model by referring to case studies from his experience. Topics around sustainability, criminality and bad actors will be brought to the table.  

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Our special guests


Jo-An Kamp is a lecturer in ICT and Media Design and the coordinator for Partners in Education at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. She coaches ICT students in the fields of UX, research, (interactive) media, communication, (interaction) design, ethics and innovation. Jo-An helped create a tool called the Technology Impact Cycle Tool, an application that helps students think critically about the impact of technology on humans and society. Read our interview with Jo-An here.


Paul Slot is the Executive Vice President for Infrastructure at KPN and a diversity leader by heart. He puts his job description simply: ‘Maintaining connectivity – for our clients and internally’. Slot studied Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, enabling him to work at the helm of various IT departments globally over the years. He has been working through the ranks at KPN for the past 14 years. Read our interview with Paul here.