RightBrains Talks in 2022


8 September 2022

05:00 pm - 06:00 pm CET

Join our Tech Talk on September 8 between 5 pm and 6 pm with special guest Paul Bessems. Paul is an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and strategist supporting data-driven organising. During this Tech Talk, we will discuss how data technology, when deployed correctly, can result in an organisation where people can be empowered in their work and feel successful while being facilitated by technology. With the Tech Talks we aim to promote learning, inspire discussions, and boost your digital career.

Make your organisation future-ready with data-driven organising

From physical to data processes, from hierarchy to agile; the way we work is changing fast. The pandemic accelerated the fact that every organisation must let go of yesterday's dominant logic and combine new operating models with data technologies. However, to become a truly digital proof company which is ready for the future, organisations are struggling with three fundamental challenges moving forward:

1. Let go of your dominant logic and embrace new organisation models

2. Work data-driven and prevent (data)waste

3. The future will be durable, digital and decentralised

During the Tech Talk we will discuss how to use digital technology to get better at communicating and doing transactions with each other, building insights together and how to tap into this potential. Join us and learn how to work less and achieve more!

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Our special guest

Paul Bessems, is an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and strategist supporting data-driven organising.

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