Webinar Your Digital Footprint


On 24 June between 17 – 18 pm RightBrains together with our partner Axveco will organise a webinar discussing the 4th industrial revolution, impact of data, rise of data driven models and implications. Ever wondered what social media platforms know about you? Are you aware of just how much data they have on you (and your children)? Many sites use your footprint to offer better services to you, so this is not all ‘bad’. However, only 5-10% of the participants in our courses have any awareness of their footprint.

Prepare for a shock

You will find 'Your digital footprint' an eye opener! This online learning journey is short and sharp. We aim to make you aware of the digital footprint that you leave behind when you use social media platforms, visit websites, accept cookies and surf with tracking cookies following you. The learning objectives are:

  • Improve your data literacy
  • Make you aware of your digital footprint
  • Reveal information to you that sites can read from your browser
  • Help you along the path to being a digital native!

How to join?

Our monthly TECH Talks and webinars are accessible for free to all RightBrains platform users. We believe that education is an important driver for changing the indusry to become more diverse and inclusive. The RightBrains Match & Mentoring App and platform provide a learning environment where women at all career stages can explore their interests while networking with peers and industry thought-leaders.

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Our special guest

Alex Dowdalls is founder of Axveco. He has taught and inspired thousands of people about new technologies, big data and AI. Alex focusses on business model innovation, particularly through the use of new technology.