Collaboration is key!


We are constantly working to build an ecosystem of partnerships. With RightBrains we aim to be your marketing, employer branding and networking channel for women interested and working in digital technology. Our focus is constant visibility for our mutual purpose on social media, in our newsletters, through storytelling, campaigns and during events. Partners come in various forms; organisations striving for more gender balance in tech, experts in education, student organisations, and media partners. Our partners and ambassadors bring their knowledge, experience, and expertise to our community as mentors, educators, and collaborators.

It is only when we collectively agree to make a difference, can we start seeing a difference!

What does it mean to partner with RightBrains?

  • Tap into a community of competent and skilled professional women looking to advance their digital careers. 
  • Publish your company profile, career events, and vacancies on our platform.
  • Be visible as a sponsor during our yearly awards and networking event. 
  • Allow room for learning and development for the talented women in your teams.
  • Together we change the ‘face’ of digital technology by telling stories about your role models.

Become a partner today!

Don't hesitate to send an email to if you have any questions.

Below, are some of the names that we are proud to call our partners and ambassadors.

Andrea Kraus, Eurofiber

"Women’s networks are one of the strongest possible drivers of change within industries and societies."

Michiel Valk, Essent

"In our Energy Transition we need creative teams to develop digital solutions. Diversity is a key element in setting the right atmosphere for this journey."