Digital Leadership Programme

Digital transformation in execution

During the first two days of this module we introduce you to fundamental programming concepts. Coding is the language of the digital age, which powers all the computer systems, apps, websites and software that we use every day. You will learn the modern approach to software development including ‘no code/low code’ and how basic coding works using the Python programming language. No coding experience is required.

The secret of Silicon Valley is simple – innovation is more about people and organisation than about technology. What does a typical innovation iteration look like? How do you evaluate the results of an experiment and determine the next steps? How do you make decisions about whether your experiment was successful or not? Innovation and IT investment decisions are complex and uncertain. Companies need to organise their business in such a way that they can shape digital transformation.

Learning objectives
  • Able to grasp key programming concepts and understand the significance of coding in our daily lives
  • Understand how to organise software development within an organisation, including DevOps
  • Familiar with different programming languages such as Python, No code/Low Code (eg. Betty Blocks)
  • Understand the design thinking process from human needs inventory to developing a prototype
  • Experiment with how to create innovation by using a design thinking mindset
  • Learn to shape digital transformation by looking at Business IT alignment, Enterprise Architecture and IT investment decisions making
  • Gain insight into what to consider when making IT decisions under uncertainty 

The module is part of the Digital Leadership Programme which starts in October 2022.

These are the dates: 13 & 14 February and 16 & 17 March.

 You can also follow this module stand-alone. The cost for one module is €2.950 excluding VAT and accommodation.

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