Mentoring programme

Where did Ada Lovelace, born in 1815, find inspiration to become the first computer programmer? And how did Katherine Johnson, an African American woman, become John Glenn’s go-to mathematician who verified the computer equations that would control the trajectory of his 1962 space flight from blastoff to splashdown? Both women showed a talent for mathematics at an early age, but it was their mentors who set them on their unlikely career paths.

It’s safe to say that no single company has cracked the code for building a diverse and inclusive IT culture. Having a mentor can make a big difference for women looking to start or advance their digital careers; in fact, a lack of mentors and female role models are the top two barriers experienced by women in technology.

Join our mentoring programme

Mentoring can support you in navigating a promotion, delivering on expanded responsibility, or working through a particular situation, challenge or opportunity.

This programme is offered to RightBrains community members and the second one kicks off in March 2024! Participation is limited to 25 duos.

Programme set-up

Before the programme begins, we will match you to a mentor based on your experience and interests, which you expressed while creating an account on the RightBrains platform. You will meet each other at the kick-off event and together you will make a plan.

Over the course of the next three months, four online sessions will help you get the tools you need, to articulate your value, get paid what you’re worth, and own your career. We will organise a live Grand Finale Mentoring event to celebrate, network and share our experiences and success stories.

Kick-off event – Live!
Inspiring keynote speakers will take to the stage to share their career and mentoring stories, followed by a panel discussion.
Mentors and mentees created their mentoring passports together, and will end the afternoon with drinks and networking.
Confidence to get ahead at work 
During this one-hour session, we will dive into how to build your confidence and be able to get ahead at building your career. How do you make sure you have the skills you need to help you go to the next level? How can you ensure that you are on top of your game and position yourself with confidence within your organisation?
Hendrika Willemse, entrepreneur, author, and founder of 'She in IT', will lead this exciting session.
The power of networking

Do you want to know the facts about building effective and resilient networks, in the setting of gender bias and the hybrid workplace? Are you curious to learn how networking can help you mitigate the double disadvantage of women in the hybrid workplace? 

Both women and men find themselves more disconnected from critical informal networks when they work from home. However, the higher level of connectedness men had established pre-pandemic means that the relative loss of ground is higher for women.

In this session, Dr Hanneke Takkenberg, professor of clinical decision-making, will lead the discussion on how distance bias affects networked connectivity differently for men and women. Participants will then create effective, personally relevant insights and strategies to reduce the perils of distance bias. 

The art of self-promotion – Why LinkedIn matters
Did you know that women are 44% less likely to ask for feedback? That on average we work 7 weeks more a year than men trying to reach perfection?
Stop waiting for that next tick in the box and start branding and selling yourself correctly today!
Annemarie van den Thillart, mentor and public speaker will discuss the realistic tips and must-have tools to sell yourself whilst elevating your level of credibility. 
How to get a pay rise?
When did you last get a raise? Did you ask for it? Do you know what your peers are earning? Or what the industry market rate is for your position?
In the last 12 months, salaries for the technology sector have increased by as much as 16%. Add to that the gender pay gap and most of us have an opportunity to improve our pay cheque!
Our guest speaker, Dr Zara Nanu, named top 100 most influential women in the UK will lead this session and give you the tools you need to build your courage and ask for that raise.
The grand mentoring finale – live!
During this in-person event, you will get the opportunity to share your experiences with other mentors and mentees. This event will be beneficial and fun!
We look forward to the sharing of ideas and hearing all about your success stories.


  • I was looking for a local platform that focuses on closing the gender gap in tech, I found that with RightBrains! I am a mentor and love to share experiences & learn new perspectives. I recommend the events organised, to learn about the impact of rapid technological change led by digital technologies in the market & our lives.

    Carrie Carrasco Director Solution Architects - Red Hat NL
  • The mentoring programme was valuable & well-tailored. The content is comprehensive and I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge right away. I am also happy to have found a mentor who has helped me hone my skills in self-promotion.

    Kateryna Lukainova Technical Project Manager - ING
  • Through RightBrains, I've found a great mentor who has helped me sort out the next steps in my career. She understands what it means to be a woman, mother & professional in this industry. It's great to meet like-minded women who help each other & have fun!

    Laura Nigtevegt Digital Accelerator & Board Member - Full Force Digital