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June 2024


The RightBrains DIGIDIVA Magazine spotlights the companies, women and male allies making a real and lasting impact in the digital technology industry. Join us in celebrating these incredible role models and thought leaders!


The prefix "Digi" instantly roots us in the realm of digital technology, while the suffix "Diva" brings a touch of glamour, strength, and confidence. Traditionally, a diva is someone who commands attention, respect, and admiration through their exceptional talent and presence. In the context of DigiDiva, it’s a powerful reclamation of the term—redefining it to celebrate women who are not just surviving but thriving and leading in the tech world."DigiDiva" marries the technical with the aspirational. It’s a name that acknowledges the hard-earned expertise of women in digital fields while also celebrating their unique perspectives, creativity, and leadership. This duality is essential in RightBrains mission to bridge the gender gap in technology.

With special thanks to our supporting companies: ABN AMRO, Athora, Budget Thuis, Computable, BumaStemra, Codam, Eurofiber, Essent, KPN, PVH, Navara, VodafoneZiggo, and Yacht!

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By having your role model story featured in our magazine, you contribute to making digital technology an exciting field with lots of career opportunities for women looking. Interested in having your organisation and role model(s) featured in 2025? Contact us!

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